SOF Maintenance Services

SOF Maintenance Services

Let Us Help You Maintain the Beauty

Basic Service


Changing 25% of aquarium water

Removal of debris from substrate or bottom of aquarium

Removal of algae from substrate line and leveling substrate

Cleaning of all glass and acrylic surfaces

Cleaning of lids and lights as needed

Testing of Salinity, pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, nitrate, and temp. (Additional tests available at cost of $3 per test)

Inspection and cleaning of external filter, circulation pumps, parts, and protein skimmers (Replacement media and parts are at separate costs)

Complimentary delivery of in store purchases on day of visit

Top Off Water $0.25 per gallon)

Final detailing of interior of aquarium.

Final visual inspection of exterior surfaces of system.

Service Report and future recommendations

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School of fish service tri fold brochure

Also Offering

Nationwide Overnight Shipping on Fish

Aquarium Sales/consulting (Onsite as well)

Aquarium installation  (Fresh & Saltwater)

Equipment installation (Fresh & Saltwater)

Dry goods  delivery on service days

Special Orders on livestock

Over 1000 gallons ask for custom quote


Just Once

Need a Hand

Don't want to have to commit to a service plan thats fine as well. We can do one time make overs. Call or E-mail for details.

Perhaps you are having an event or special occasion and don't have time to get your aquarium looking the part. That's where we come in. Let us take the stress away and handle the job for you.